Silvana Lainez 

Expertise: Fashion Merchandising

About Us 


Silvana Lainez Fashion (SLF) is a fashion consulting firm aimed to offer high-quality services. Its

goal is to provide valuable fashion and image consulting services to its clients. These services consist

of providing professional fashion advice and recommendations to individuals, companies, and retail

and department stores. 

SLF is committed to provide excellent assistance and will partner up with retail stores that sell luxury

brands with the objective of offering their clients a unique experience. 

SLF will modernize the interaction between fashion consultants and customers. Customers will be

able to schedule their sessions directly through their smartphones and have access to the

professional trajectory and fashion style of SLF’s consultants.

All our consultants are professionals who are always up-to- date on the latest’s styles and trends and

are committed to provide an excellent service.